Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Concerto Competition Studio Class!

Today in studio class you were the judges.  The goal of this exercise is to

1) simulate and encourage fear and paranoia in the contestants, a.k.a your studio-mates

and 2) to let the rest of you experience power!!  raw! unadulterated!! power!! Moo hahaha

Seriously though, this was a useful exercise in preparation for the real Paranov Competition of which 7 of our studio are doing next week.  Thanks to EmilyChanaynay and Ryan for tabulating the results.  I am going to post each person's comments  as a separate comment to this post, then I'd like the contestant in question to first comment about how you thought you did, and what you thought went wrong or could have gone better.  In doing this you may be surprised at your perception of the performance versus the "people's perception."

Also, by looking at the rankings of 9 different judges you see evidence that individuals disagree, and that different factors affect different people differently. Do not dispute the validity of the previous sentence, I am your PERFESSOR....

remember what we talked about in class, how when you judge a multi-instrument/piece competition, many factors are in play:  the "wow" factor sometimes being the least.  I tend to look for the most finished and most convincing performance of that particular work regardless of difficulty, and also for the most marketable.  Based on THAT, I give the following rankings.

1. Danielle/Laura (tie)
2. Jhoana
3. David/Ariel/Fernando (tie)
4. Mary
5. Gabe

Concerto Competition Pre-Preliminaries

Studio  Standings from studio members (not all)

Various Rankings:

1. Laura, Ariel, Gabe, Jhoana, David, Mary, Danielle
2. Laura, Ariel, Jhoana, Gabe, Danielle, Mary, David
3. Laura, Jhoana, Ariel, Mary, Danielle, David, Gabe
4. Laura, Jhoana, Ariel, David, Danielle, Mary, Gabe
5. Laura, David, Ariel, Danielle, Mary, Jhoana, Gabe
6. Ariel, David, Gabe, Laura, Mary, Jhoana, Danielle
7. Laura, Ariel Jhoana, Danielle, Gabe, Mary, David
8. Laura, Ariel, Danielle, Jhoana David, Gabe, Mary
9. Laura, David, Ariel, Danielle, Jhoana, Mary, Gabe

*(made by the class, even though I appear as author of the comments I have privately emailed you my opinions)